Sebastian’s Roller Skates – Kane/Miller Book Publishers

Mitjà: Kane/Miller Book Publishers
Ref.-Els Patins del Sebastiá


  • USBBY Outstanding International Booklist
  • Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award
  • Book Sense 76 Pick

«A sweet story about a shy boy who gains confidence by learning how to roller skate. This is definitely a book for shy children everywhere!» – Fran Wilson, Colorado State University Bookstore, Fort Collins, CO

«In this story about the power of self-confidence, Sebastian is a reserved boy to the point of stifling shyness. He lives with his thoughts, unable to express himself to others, though full of fascinating ideas. When an abandoned pair of roller skates piques his interest, he tires to learn to skate with a quiet determination. An impromptu rescue of a runaway dog proves the impetus he needs to use his new skills on skates – instilling him with confidence and unleashing his self-restraint. Sebastian’s triumph provides inspiration for timid readers to seek out their own strengths.» -Kirkus Reviews

«There is much to be savored in this story of self-discovery, and young audiences will find something new with each rereading.» – School Library Journal

«Sebastian may have a couple of spills as he learns to roller skate, but this tale from a Spanish team never takes a misstep. Sebastian’s transformation emerges naturally, rather than from methods or techniques. He discovers the skates, practices hard and persistently, and his new abilities unfold on their own. Shy readers may well emerge with the feeing that change is indeed possible.» – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

«The universality of Sebastian’s experience ensures that this pleasing picture book, translated from the original Catalan, will resonate with children on this side of the Atlantic.» -Booklist

«This award-winning book is all about coming out of your shell, even if it takes some wobbly roller skates to help you along, and author Joan de Déu Prats, who has over 45 children’s books to his credit, sneaks a strong theme of standing up for yourself and being who you are into his delightful story of a little boy we can all relate to. The wonderful illustrations by Spanish artist Francesc Rovira combine colorful line drawings with real images that create a very unique visual backdrop for the story.»-Curled Up