What Granddad Was Like

(Así era mi abuelito)

“Here you go. This will help you to remember me”, he said with a smile…

What was Granddad like? Through memories and recipe book, his grandson tries to remember how great and wonderful his granddad was.

It is never easy to talk about death. The story and the accompanying guide will enable parents to broach the difficult subject whith their children. The story helps children to grasp the concept of death while the guide provides parents with information on how to explain the subject to their children. Both parents and children will gain a deeper understanding of the vulnerability of life after reading this book.

A partir de 2 años.

Reedició 2015 – “Recetas para recordar

 Ilustrador: Gustavo Roldán

 Guía de padres: Elena Angulo

 Editorial: Marshall Cavendish

 Colección: Comfort

 Última edición: 1ª Edición 2005

 Páginas: 30

ISBN: 981-261-027-8